Jul 15, 2016

Culture & Values

Compassion isn't just a buzzword at Allianz Worldwide Partners — it's in our DNA. We cultivate a culture of caring and we challenge everyone in our global family to pay that passion forward to our partners, and our customers alike.

How would we describe our corporate culture? High Energy. Fun. Compassionate. Involved. Diverse. Innovative.

Our award-winning, contemporary headquarters was designed with input from associates. The energetic, modern colors and patterns reflect our culture. We frequently host contests, parties, and picnics to applaud our successes, engage our families, or celebrate our diversity. We consistently earn high marks in employee satisfaction and engagement. We believe in internal promotions, and offer training, mentoring, and tuition reimbursement so associates can aspire to their next project or position. Plus, our Total Rewards program offers competitive pay and benefits, along with an array of other perks.

At Allianz Worldwide Partners, you'll feel good about your career, being part of our global family, and positively impacting people's lives. All this, and you get to wear jeans.

Working at Allianz Worldwide Partners, you know you're part of something big. With Allianz Worldwide Partners, you get the best characteristics of a local, entrepreneurial business, backed by the strength of one of the world's largest corporations. The U.S. headquarters for Allianz Worldwide Partners calls Richmond, Virginia home but we're a member of a global family. Whether our customers need reaction, reassurance, or just reservations, we extend our international reach through specialty insurance and assistance services designed to do one important thing: help people.

Mike and the Allianz U.S. team at the office in Richmond, Virginia.

The key to our values? Do good. Feel good. (Sound good?)

Allianz Worldwide Partners associates are compassionate people driven to help and to make a difference. This impacts everything we do, at our desks as well as in our community. We don't just know our corporate values — Caring, Connected, Responsible, and Excellent — we live them. As a company, Allianz Worldwide Partners embraces the spirit of generosity and authenticity by championing associate ideas, encouraging community volunteerism, supporting charitable giving, and advocating green initiatives. It all comes back to the drive to do good and earn trust from our customers and partners. 

Caring: A passion for people
• We are people who care for people
• We are always there to help one another
• We listen and act respectfully
• We invest in trusted, long term relationships, safeguarding our clients future
• We take pride in the work that we do

Connected: Together we are stronger
• We act as one global family
• We bring the best of global reach and local relevance, 24/7
• We share our expertise and knowledge
• We value and celebrate diversity
• We integrate technology and services for our clients' benefit 

Responsible: Having a stake in success
• We are open and transparent, and uphold high ethical standards
• We assist customers quickly when they need it most
• We do what is right for our stakeholders, clients, and customers
• We act proactively and with integrity and professionalism
• We are sincere, honest, and fair 

Excellent: Striving to be the best
• We create innovative solutions to anticipate customer needs
• We focus on maintaining the market leadership of our company
• We focus our efforts on what matters most to our clients and customers
• We seek opportunities for continuous improvement and are committed to high performance
• We are ambitious in our actions yet modest in our attitudes