Jun 28, 2018

Culture & Values

Compassion isn't just a buzzword at Allianz Partners — it's in our DNA. We cultivate a culture of caring and we challenge everyone in our global family to pay that passion forward to our partners, and our customers alike.

How would we describe our corporate culture? High Energy. Fun. Compassionate. Involved. Diverse. Innovative.

In a business where analytics, innovation, and technology are imperative, nothing drives our success more than compassion, empathy and letting our customers know that we have their back. Help is at the core of everything that we do. Our global ‘culture of caring’ is built on employing people who have help in their DNA. It’s a part of who they are, making them natural problem solvers willing to assist anyone in need.

We encourage collaboration and entrepreneurship, customer centricity and trust. For those who dare to walk in our customers’ shoes, to be the role model and to conquer new markets…we offer careers, and chance to be a part of something big.

Our office space is vibrant and energetic, designed to help our associates tap into the positive vibes and energy they bring to the customer experience. The open workspace supports collaboration, and for more analytical work or reflective moments, there are quiet zones.

One thing is for sure, at Allianz Partners, work is not life. We take time out to celebrate our achievements, play a bit in our ‘backyard’ and of course, serve our community.

Allianz - Mike and the Allianz U.S. team at the office in Richmond, Virginia.