New SmartBenefits Reshape How Travel Insurance Works

We’re excited about our launch of enhanced Allianz Travel Insurance plans with SmartBenefitsSM in 2018. These are the most extensive, innovative series of customer-centric product enhancements, added coverages and travel delay features we’ve designed in years.

Developed by analyzing feedback from thousands of customers to solve their pain points in travel, these revolutionary trip protection benefits give travelers even better financial protection (ie. more reasons to get reimbursed). We’ve created several new features that offer added value and convenience, making it faster and easier for customers to get their claims paid.

Proactive Claim Payments for Flight Delays

Our most innovative feature in SmartBenefitsSM is proactive claim payments sent within minutes of qualifying flight delays, as we actively monitor customers’ flights. For example, if a four hour flight delay occurs (qualifier varies by plan), we proactively file a claim for the customer and offer three convenient payment options. Customers can opt to receive typical fixed payments of $100 per person on their debit card within minutes (after entering payment details), while direct deposit payments are available in 24-48 hours. If no action is taken, customers are mailed a check automatically.

One customer recently commented: “Allianz contacted us when our flight from RDU was delayed more than four hours to inform us of the $200 reimbursement. That was pretty cool.”

Note: This flight delay benefit is only activated if flight information is entered online (such as in AgentMax or the TravelSmart app) at least 48 hours prior to departure, and customers must opt in for communications.

No Receipts Claims for Travel and Bag Delay

We’re making travel and bag delay claims easier by giving customers the option to receive a faster, fixed-amount payment for their inconvenience, without uploading any receipts. After filing a complete claim online, customers can receive electronic payments within seven days, typically $100 per person per day impacted by the delay. Customers who provide receipts may qualify for a higher daily amount of reimbursement
Some of our most significant product enhancements and added coverages for your clients include:

1. Improved Emergency Medical Coverage

All travel plans now include primary emergency medical coverage, which helps customers get quicker access to medical payments (up to their coverage limits) on qualifying claims.

For claims that qualify for pre-existing medical conditions coverage, we’ve made it easier for customers to file by no longer requiring them to get a Physician Statement Form filled out by their doctor. We also improved coverage limits on trip cancellation claims involving pre-existing medical conditions for travelers taking more expensive trips.

2. Expanded Travel Coverage

We've added new covered reasons for reimbursement, such as Mandatory Evacuation and (available on select plans) Hurricane Warning, to help keep travelers out of harm’s way and enable them to cancel their trip if a natural disaster makes their destination unsafe. We also redesigned our Travel Delay benefit to help customers reach their destination sooner by alternative means, such as when severe weather or storms causes an extended delay by the carrier.

3. Simplified Benefit Descriptions

We rewrote descriptions of benefits and coverages on Allianz Travel Insurance policies, making it easier for all customers to understand what situations can be covered. We also now remind customers what their insurance benefits are and ways to access emergency travel assistance by sending them emails days before their trip.

Contact us for more information about our SmartBenefits and recent product enhancements.


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