Oct 18, 2016

Allianz Worldwide Partners Presents the Latest Mobility Trends

Trends include passenger and rescue drones, hotel bills going green and pollution apps


RICHMOND, VA,OCTOBER 18, 2016 — Allianz Worldwide Partners and SoonSoonSoon explore the latest mobility trends from all over the world. Here are four trends that emerged from summer 2016 travel.

Get a bird’s eye view of the landscape ... from a drone

Have you ever dreamed you were in a flying car? Your dream could soon be a reality, thanks to a Chinese start-up company, Ehang. At the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2016, the company showed its pilotless drone, Ehang 184 – capable of carrying a passenger. With its eight rotors, Ehang looks like a miniature helicopter. The all-electric autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) is designed for low-altitude flying, has a cruising speed of 100km an hour and a flight duration of up to 23 minutes. Just the job if you want a panoramic view as you explore a new landscape. All you have to do is use your tablet computer to choose your route, and leave the rest to the drone…


Rescued from a natural disaster… thanks to a drone

AeroSee offers safer conditions for providing relief to victims of natural disasters. Researchers at the University of Lancashire are using unmanned air vehicles (UAVs, or drones) to take aerial photos of an affected area.  This then allows rescuers to identify where victims are and so reduce the risk to themselves when they enter the area. The drones can provide valuable images to assist rescue teams, whether they are working in mountain areas, dealing with natural disasters or operating in a war zone.


Go green and save on your hotel bills

Guests at Nomad hotels are saving money by going green.   Oceania Hotels, who owns Nomad, is offering their guests the use of a tablet computer that monitors energy use in their rooms. Guests can cut their bills by reducing their overall energy consumption, choosing for example not to have fresh linen every day, or to switch off the air conditioning, or to limit the amount of water they use. In addition to making their guests more environmentally aware, Nomad are reducing their environmental impact by fitting carpets made from recycled materials, installing solar energy panels and harvesting rain water.


Choose activities that take account of the air quality in town

PlumeLabs is an app that uses weather-forecasting type artificial intelligence to calculate and predict air pollution levels in major cities. This gives users constantly updated indications of the potentially harmful effects of pollution levels in their environment. In addition, Plume gives users recommendations on how to modify their activities according to the levels of pollution – for example, whether they should avoid sport and exercise, or whether or not it is advisable to take their children out.


All of these trends can be found on the following website: http://www.reinventmobility.com/

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