Aug 25, 2016

If you are going to catch’em all, catch’em safely urges Allianz Worldwide Partners

Popular game has been downloaded more than 100 million* times in 35 countries


RICHMOND, VA,AUGUST 26, 2016 — Pokémon Go, which uses augmented reality to combine the real world with the game space, encourages players to explore the world in a whole new way, in search of digital Pokémon. 

Vincent Luna, Head of Travel within Global Market Management at Allianz Worldwide Partners advises, The new Pokémon Go phenomenon provides an opportunity to get out, explore and discover new destinations and monuments around the world: there is no doubt that this year, many tourists will use their holidays and travel destinations as opportunities to catch as many Pokémon as possible. We remind players to stay switched on, be mindful of their surroundings and keep their wits about them – this is especially important when playing in a foreign country. Remember not to enter private properties, dark alleys or areas that you would not enter if you weren’t playing the game.” 

Allianz Worldwide Partners has compiled the following safety tips for Pokémon Go players:

1. Watch where you're going - avoid crossing the street at crosswalks and intersections to catch Pokémon. Jaywalking is an offense in many urban areas in the United States, Canada, Singapore, Spain and Poland. 

2. Respect pedestrian rules – from walking on the right side of the pavement to respecting escalator etiquette. If you’re in a foreign country, you should follow the rules of the locals.

3. Watch out for cyclists – cities such as Amsterdam and Berlin are enjoying a cycling boom. With miles of new cycle paths and thousands of bike journeys made each day, we remind travellers heading to these cities to be extra cautious of cyclists while playing the game.

4. Safety is paramount - make sure you're in a safe neighbourhood or public area; if you’re heading somewhere new, let someone know where you’re going and how long you’ll be there. Don’t get so caught up in the game that you enter private residences, this could be considered trespassing. 

5. If you’re exploring at night - wear reflective clothes or accessories, and carry a flashlight so that others can see you.

6. Keep an eye on your phone's battery while you are out – games can drain the battery life of a mobile phone. In addition to reducing play time when the battery is low, we recommend travellers carry a portable battery charger to avoid being stranded in a foreign city without a phone.

7. Be mindful of personal safety – don’t leave personal items unattended to chase Pokémon - even a rare one.

8. Remain courteous of others – remember, not everyone is playing Pokémon Go, so be respectful of people’s personal space. Depending on where in the world you are, eye contact and hand gestures mean very different things. Unlike many other games, you may actually meet the people you play against - keep things courteous and fun for all.

9. Keep hydrated and refreshed - don't forget to eat, drink, sleep and if you’re in the sunshine, wear sunscreen, and ideally a hat.

10. Don’t catch’em while driving – it is probably prohibited and extremely dangerous to hunt Pokémon while driving. We also advise people traveling with you not to play in the car to prevent them from distracting you.

Once you have all these tips in mind, go catch’em!


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