Oct 22, 2020

Allianz Partners Names Lydie Hippon-Darde As Head of the New Models Unit

In addition to her current role as Head of Strategic Marketing and Innovation, Lydie Hippon-Darde will lead the New Models unit to reinforce and accelerate Allianz Partners’ activity in emerging ecosystems and boost customer-centricity and innovation.

RICHMOND, VA, October 22, 2020 — 

Allianz Partners announces the appointment of Lydie Hippon-Darde as Head of New Models, effective September 30th 2020. The New Models unit is the growth and innovation engine for Allianz Partners’ four lines of business and its markets. The unit aims to drive customer centricity and develop new growth models across the priority ecosystems of Health & Wellness, Travel, Home & Living, and Mobility & Automotive. 

Lydie will report directly to Allianz Partners Group CEO, Sirma Boshnakova.

Lydie joined Allianz France in January 2007, leading the Organizational Management team before heading up Brand, Communication, Digital Marketing & Strategic marketing projects from 2010. In 2015 she joined Allianz Partners to lead major marketing and innovation activities for France and the South Europe region. Since October 2019, Lydie occupies the role of Head of Strategic Market Management and Innovation for Allianz Partners Group.

Sirma Boshnakova, CEO of Allianz Partners, comments; “Lydie brings a fantastic track record in leading innovation, consumer insights and customer excellence activities, and her extensive knowledge of the Allianz Group is a tremendous asset for us.  The New Models unit is a core driver for creating synergies across our lines of business and designing clear, transparent solutions which bring peace of mind to our customers within our key ecosystems. I am sure that the work done by Lydie and her team will support Allianz Partners in our ambition to become a fully digital, agile, and customer-centered market leader, ready to meet the changing needs of our customers in a post-COVID world.”


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