At Allianz Partners, we know that innovation comes from testing, learning, and constant improvement. That’s why we use our AI-enabled Allianz Fusion® platform to reach customers on the individual level.

Each of us travel and go to events differently, and frankly, each of us may act different from experience to experience – personalization is not just about the customer, but also the context of the trip or event. So why wouldn’t we expect to be treated differently?"

The Allianz Fusion platform draws on itinerary data, predicted needs, and 360º customer feedback to present offers that resonate with customers best. That means you’ll get an offer tailored to you, not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Allianz Fusion is designed to connect to customers. But when you strive for human connection, machines can only go so far. That’s why we rely on a team of experienced, in-house professionals to come up with fresh ideas. Thanks to this combination of human creativity and machine learning, we’re able to increase conversion by +10% or more. 

  • 1,000,000,000+ quotes per year
  • 900+ unique customer segments
  • 1,500+ experiments per year
  • 10-15%+ annual insurance revenue gain
  • Can support any country
  • Can support any language 
  • Flexible product price quotation & testing
  • Proprietary customer segmentation
  • Offer message updates and experimentation
  • Offer design optimization
  • AI-enabled dynamic real-time offer personalization

Integrating with Allianz Fusion allows partners to benefit from the technical and marketing capabilities of our proprietary platform, processes, and expertise.

But our tools aren’t just good for customers—they’re good for businesses, too. Our partners find that treating customers as individuals drives improved customer experience and results in accelerated business results.

Presents customers with relevant products and messages that resonate with specific customer segments in the moment.
Continuously tests the best product offer, improves on it over time, and makes the most of every opportunity.
Creates deep customer segmentation models allowing for intelligent marketing to a customer’s individual situation.
Uses predictive scoring methodology to provide the right offer at the right time.
Provides customers with relevancy in their shopping experience by providing the right offer at the right time.
Access to a near-real time reporting portal to gain valuable insights on trends and advanced analytics unlocked by our data science team.
  • Accelerated growth with an average 10%+ conversion improvement
  • Simple and easy integration
  • No IT involvement after launch
  • A/B/n experimentation & cutting-edge machine learning
  • Real-time marketing compliance
  • Personalized offer message
  • Highly relevant products
  • One-stop shopping
  • Insurance education for informed purchase decision
  • Peace of mind

Don’t worry about Allianz Fusion draining your resources. Our integrations are typically one-and-done, so your IT department can sit back and focus on other priorities.
Reach out to learn how Allianz Fusion can lead to delighted customers and supercharged growth.