Allianz Partners’ products and services help customers take their experiences to the next level. Our there-for-anything app, Allyz TravelSmart, takes them a step further. From easy, on-the-go claims filing and to smart security alerts, Allyz TravelSmart helps them get the most from their adventures—whether they’re attending the concert of a lifetime or exploring the Amalfi coast.

Customers can:

Get more from their insurance plans:

  • Find a convenient overview of their plans and benefits
  • Manage their insurance plans on the go
  • Keep 24-7 customer care at their fingertips
  • File claims and track progress right from their phone


Get more from their adventures:

  • Organize itineraries in one spot
  • Locate quality hospitals nearby
  • Translate common medical terms
  • Get destination-specific safety and security alerts 

But these features don’t just benefit insurance customers. Many of Allyz TravelSmart’s features are available as APIs, so you can use them to complement your own apps and services—seamlessly adding extra safety and convenience to your customers’ experiences.

Meet the ultimate travel companion: download Allyz TravelSmart today. 

Allyz® TravelSmart—your all-in-one travel companion.