Assistance Services

We treat your customers like they're our own.

When your customers' travel turns chaotic, we can provide a sense of calm when they need it most.

Making travelers feel secure involves more than just protecting their travel investment. It's also about making sure they're well taken care of when they're away from the security of home. We are there to provide that comprehensive assistance to travelers anytime, anywhere — online, over the phone, or through our TravelSmart app.

When your customers' personal healthcare insurance doesn't cover medical mishaps (including evacuations), especially while travelling internationally, our assistance benefits give them access to a network of more than 400,000 pre-screened health service providers in over 240 countries and territories. We'll even pre-authorize hospital admissions to limit out-of-pocket expenses and guarantee payments. That way, your customers won't have any added stress when they're ill or injured. 

Our assistance services cover the gamut of travel, medical, and transportation services, including medical evacuation, prescription replacement, emergency legal referral, repatriation and, if necessary, return of remains. We'll even do emergency interpretation for travelers. 

Concierge Services

You can't travel with your customers, but our concierge services can. 

A cruise customer needs some new flight options. We'll take care of it. A business traveler needs a computer rented or a tee time booked. We've got it covered. We'll even make restaurant reservations, secure concert tickets, and purchase specialty gifts — whatever your customers need, whenever they need it. 

Not only can our concierge services help your customers out of a pinch, but they can also help differentiate your business and stretch your network to reach around the globe. When your customers call, they're greeted and assisted by our award-winning customer service department, which offers a 24/7, multilingual, seamless "white label" experience that helps transform first-time customers into long-term repeat consumers. 

Being miles and miles away from home — and from you — can be challenging for your customers. But we go the extra mile to make it easier for them.