Proven meets pioneering

When you’re selecting a travel insurance partner, choosing an established name or a new player comes with different advantages. But we’re built to give you both—a long, proven track record plus constant innovation to stay ahead of your customers’ changing needs.

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Best-in-class experiences

Powerful meets personal

Your customers come to you for the best experiences—and that’s one of the top reasons brands like yours partner with us. With easy-to-understand benefits and high-touch customer care, we’re committed to keeping our reputation for an excellent customer experience, while always looking for more ways to improve.

  • In-depth insight mining: With programs like Voice of Customer, we constantly gather feedback to get an authentic understanding of what customers want, then turn those insights into action—creating real solutions for the evolving needs of the market and your customers.
  • Relevant products: Our simplified product portfolio has relevant, easy-to-understand benefits to give travelers unmatched protection for today’s challenges, including epidemic-related covered reasons, inclusions for pre-existing medical conditions, and benefits that do not require receipts.
  • Seamless experiences: Our online claims portal and our TravelSmartTM app make it easy for customers to access award-winning assistance, view plan documents, and file a claim and track its progress—offering transparency throughout the customer journey.

 Accelerated growth

Stability meets possibility

When you’re trying to grow your business, you need an insurance partner with the most experience—but also a deep history of innovation. Our devotion to experimentation can help create a new revenue stream that boosts your bottom line while our focus on customer satisfaction helps turn first-time customers into repeat business.

  • Partner and industry knowledge: Decades of experience allow us to hit the ground running with you right away. Our scalable test-and-learn approach, multi-channel sales expertise, and focus developing new tools that make selling easier can all be combined to continually drive more revenue for your company.
  • Power and flexibility in integration: Our proprietary Fusion CORE® and AgentMax platforms ensure seamless connections can be used with virtually any booking platform on any device and help enhance the purchase experience by serving personalized offers that resonate most.
  • Increased customer loyalty: With award-winning customer service and around-the-clock assistance, we can help you keep your customers coming back by giving them the confidence to book earlier and enhancing their experiences with greater peace of mind.

Marketing sophistication

Information meets imagination

We’ve all seen them: marketing pieces that are all info and no intrigue, or all beauty and no brains. With full marketing capabilities, we’re able to deliver the most relevant messages to your customers ahead of and during the booking process—complementing your overall customer experience and encouraging increased sales.

  • Insight-driven strategy and optimization: Incorporating superior data analysis and constant attention to emerging trends, we combine customer-centric marketing strategies and optimized purchase experiences to drive higher insurance take rates and generate more revenue.
  • In-house marketing team: We collaborate with your team and create integrated marketing campaigns, accessible selling collateral, and other assets to increase sales through top of funnel marketing, second-chance purchase opportunities, and increased understanding of insurance.
  • On-demand reporting and analysis: Allianz Insights puts the latest results at partners’ fingertips so you can access the information you need whenever and wherever you need it. No need to send an email or wait for a meeting—you’re always in the loop.

Reliable delivery

Refined meets refreshing

Whether you’re facing market challenges or daily demands, the last thing you want from a partner is more red tape. That’s why we’re set up to provide the right expertise, right when you need it—helping you move past obstacles with unexpected ease.

  • Dedicated teams for your business: We work closely with partners to align goals, deliver quickly, and consistently keep things moving—maintaining a personalized partnership that is focused on growing your business, increasing insurance sales, and enhancing your customer experience.
  • Full in-house capabilities: We don't outsource and have everything under one roof—from implementation and product development, to marketing and compliance, to assistance and claims—so you can count on our quick and nimble support to help your business.
  • Ready-to-use APIs: We can complement any booking ecosystem with embedded real-time quotation, purchase, and other functionality including enhanced features offered through SmartCircuitTM, our proprietary integration solution. AgentMax, rated top selling platform by travel advisors, allows them to sell travel insurance with ease—anywhere, anytime they may be.

Worldwide expertise

Global reach meets local touch

Partnering with a global company comes with advantages like a larger, more widespread network. But, as broad as our reach may be, our expertise is every bit as deep at the local level—and we put it to good use, supporting partners like you, your customers, and the future of the industry.

  • Trusted industry leader: As a leader in the travel and specialty insurance, we hold long-lasting partnerships with iconic, global brands. Our legacy of excellence is still going strong today, as we protect over 55 million people a year as they make travel plans, event ticket purchases, tuition payments, and more.
  • Award-winning assistance: Our award-winning travel and medical assistance team, which includes on-staff medical professionals, is available 24/7 to help customers with everything from travel mishaps to medical emergencies. Our extensive network of trusted providers ensures your customers have access to expert care—no matter where they are.
  • Compliance authority: We provide expertise and guidance with the wide array of insurance regulations, helping protect and ensure trust in our partnerships—all while offering a broad range of products that meet regulatory standards across the globe.
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