Social responsibility

Our values aren’t just about how we approach our customers and clients. They’re also how we approach the communities where we live and work. Whether it’s charitable giving, volunteering or mentoring, we value giving back.

Charitable Giving

Our financial contributions support a diverse group of organizations, reflective of our associates and the causes they believe in. Over the years, we’ve helped combat hunger, supported victims of abuse, cleaned up the environment, and furthered causes supporting diversity and education.

As part of Allianz, we’re also proud that the Richmond, VA, community can benefit from grants made possible by the Allianz Foundation for North America. Their grants have supported youth through programs at the Virginia Council for Economic Education, Girls for Change and Fit4Kids.


At Allianz Partners, we take pride in helping others in our community and around the world. Our associates regularly volunteer their time and talents through company-sponsored events as well as by using our Volunteer Time Off benefit.


Allianz Foundation for North America

Through the Allianz Foundation for North America, organizations in the Richmond community have benefited from generous grants that support programs that help young people develop the skills, motivation, perspectives, and opportunities they need to be successful, self-reliant, and socially conscious members of society. The Virginia Council on Economic Education and Girls for a Change are two such organizations.